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Welcome to Toyota Workers Together

Toyota Workers Together is a place designed for workers who want to make positive change in their workplace. Where Toyota workers together can work towards:

  • Improving our health insurance

  • Improving health & safety standards

  • Making seniority mean something

  • Stopping favoritism

  • Getting temporary workers hired as Toyota workers quicker

  • Shorten the length of time it takes for wages to top out

Collective bargaining means more rights and more power to shape your lives. Collectively you have more power to negotiate than you have as individuals. No one will pay any dues or fees until employees have democratically approved a contract.

Toyota Workers without a union:

  • The company unilaterally determines your working conditions and can change them at any time without your consent

Toyota Workers Together with a union:

  • Toyota Workers Together elect their bargaining committee
  • Toyota Workers Together decide what will be bargained for at the table
  • Toyota Workers Together vote to accept or not accept their first contract
  • That contract will be legal and binding with a real process for dealing with grievances
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